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To this day I am still awestruck with the amazing place I get to call home. My first career brought me here and took me away a few times, but for my wife and I, Charleston has been and always will be home. Even when life took us away we still managed to come back to be married right here at the Charleston Yacht Club. Over time I came to the decision, I wouldn’t leave this place again and since I feel so passionate about the place I love to call home, I also decided I would be at my best helping and serving others who want to do the same. For a small-town West Virginia native, it’s easy to get lost in Charleston’s history, architecture, food, culture, beaches and so much more.

I always found a way to make sure we would end up right here in the Low Country and that’s what I promise to do for my clients: Work hard to help them accomplish their dreams, right here, in one of America’s most diverse, thriving cities so that they too can call Charleston home!

As a soon-to-be father and husband to a hardworking, dedicated teacher I understand the draw of setting down roots somewhere you love. I’d be honored to help you achieve just that. Having bought and sold several homes personally, I’ve had many experiences, and I promise to be an unrelenting advocate for each and every client that trusts me to help them buy or sell.